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Quist website


We have recently completed the design of a website for Quist. An unusual project that has been a pleasure and is ongoing.

Trees of Tranquility sculpture fountains are individually designed and created by artist/sculptor Mehrdad Tafreshi and hand made in their workshop, situated in a tranquil location in deep woodlands in Surrey. Each unique copper tree sculpture – willow, oak, maple, beech and many more – is constructed primarily from copper and incorporates a water feature, creating a shimmering, gentle fountain. The effect of the beautifully constructed framework of trunk, branches and delicate twigs, each shaped, textured and detailed to reflect the intricate effects of natural bark, with individually cut and shaped leaves is complimented by the soothing sound of the water cascading through the sculpture.

An award-winning artist, Mehrdad also works in hand blown glass, combining this with copper stems and elegant elongated leaves, to create exotic groupings of primrose, iris, lily, sunflower blooms and buds in colours varying from deep, vibrant purples, reds and orange to gentle pastel yellows, blues and green. His sculptures and tree water features can vary in height and expanse from an intricate glass and copper arrangement or bonsai of approx. one metre high to copper tree fountains of over 18 metres with a canopy five metres wide.