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The Cumberland Lawn Tennis Club


The Cumberland Lawn Tennis Club is one of London’s premier venues for tennis, squash, cricket and hockey. Dating back over 120 years, the CLTC is steeped in history and has seen much development since the first balls were hit on its courts back in the 1800s.

Once a favoured venue for pre Wimbledon grass court practice sessions by the likes of Borg and Nastase, the Club has cultivated a relationship with the All England Club that stands to this day.

With the addition of Hampstead Cricket Club to its campus of facilities back in 1997, CLTC-HCC is an impressive facility, offering sporting opportunities for its members unparalleled anywhere else in London.

The Club’s location in West Hampstead is also a defining feature, providing an oasis for sport in one of the world’s busiest and most densely populated areas.

We had worked the previous club website to make it GDPR compliant, but it was clear that a refresh was needed. We were therefore glad to be commissioned to redesign the site, retaining the technical abilities behind the scenes  to help run and manage the 1,900 plus membership.

In addition to creating and hosting the site we also commissioned new photography and a drone video to show the facilities off. This can be found on the website and on YouTube.